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EUPORIAS – Seasonal and decadal forecasts for Europe.

Project Description

The project’s objectives

EUPORIASClimate seasonal predictions (several months trend forecasts) have made significant progress in terms of research and operationalization plans (particularly in agriculture). Decadal predictions (from 2-3 years to 10-15 years) are also the subject of extensive research. The forward use of these predictions in sectors highly impacted by climate hazards (energy, forestry, water, tourism etc.) could improve the economic actors’ decision-making and better manage risks related to climate. So, this project aims to improve at the European level the way these predictions are produced, on a theoretical and operational plan, based on the comprehension of final users’ needs as regards information and the analysis of climate vulnerabilities and decision-making process of a panel of potential users. It should allow to develop climate services prototypes.

Services expected from TEC

TEC will take part in several workpackages and bring its expertise on tourism :

  •   Evaluation of specific vulnerabilities in tourism and information needs
  •   Contribution to works on uncertainty communication
  •   Analysis of the tourism actors’ decision-making process in relation to climate
  •   Analysis of economic opportunities drawn by climate services

Project Details

  • Client FP7 European Framework Programme for Research
  • Date 2012
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