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CLIM-RUN Project, Climate Local Information in the Mediterranean Region.

Project Description

The project’s objectives

climrunCLIM-RUN aims to implement a new protocol providing relevant climate informations at a local scale and directly usable by different sectors of the Mediterranean society identified as particularly vulnerable to climate change. To do so, CLIM-RUN favors a  bottom-up approach involving territorial stakeholders at the beginning of the process in order to identify their needs at the local scale. The development of modelling and new downscaling tools will then be used to optimally respond to these specific needs. The project includes cas studies in several countries bordering the Mediterranean and is focused on target areas (moutainous regions, coastal areas, islands) and key sectors (tourism, energy…). It should eventually lead to the creation of a Mediterranean network of climate services users, and specify this notion of climate service which widely remains to be invented.

Services provided by TEC

  •  Coordination of the workpackage 5,  case studies in France, Tunisia, Croatia, Cyprus
  •  Contribution to the definition of a climate services portal in the Mediterranean
  • Co-delivering of climate products for stakeholders : tourism comfort indexes, seasonal forecasts for SST…


Figure 3. Probabilistic three category, summer 2011 forecast for SST (from ECMWF S4). The colour shows the tercile that contains more forecast members than any other two and the probability (%) of the event to happen (except for near normal).

Project Details

  • Client FP7 European Framework Programme for Research
  • Date 2012
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